It’s Carnival time!

 Where the heck are the mini doughnuts???

Bethany was checking on this for her husband, Ray, not looking for herself. Pioneer Political Editor/Opinion Page Editor Brad Swenson, a mini doughnut consumer, has since informed me that they are indeed part of the food court at the Bemidji Jaycees Water Carnival.

As for Bethany and I, we were very strong. Yet again, we managed to walk past all the food booths on the way back to my apartment. Which, yet again, has more to do with the fact that we don’t carry money with us and therefore could not buy mini doughnuts, a corn dog, an "about a foot long" hot dog, lemonadeor any of the other carnival fare we saw.

My favorite is always the corn dog. I’ve been tempted by the gyro booths in recent years, but I still stick with the corn dog. You can buy them frozen in the grocery store, but they’re so much better at the carnival. They’re pretty much the only thing I use ketchup on, and I’ve discovered that they’re not bad with mustard instead. I’ve been establishing a deeper relationship with mustard in the past year as I try to eat foods with fewer calories and less fat. Mayonnaise used to be a staple for me, but now I have a container of low-fat mayo (the fat-free variety just doesn’t cut it) in my fridge and hardly ever touch it. I don’t even use margarine much anymore.

I also don’t lose weight, but that has more to do with my inability to resist sweets that are left for public consumption. My downfall is the dastardly Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, which reels me in as if it has a tiny lasso.

Anyway, back to the walk. There’s not much to say. We ended up skipping the trail, instead walking along Birchmont Drive and admiring beautiful houses and gardens, which is always fun. My mother would have enjoyed that — it’s been a while, but she likes to have me drive her around various cities so she can look at houses. And when we take the pontoon around Union Lake near my hometown of Erskine, her favorite part is looking at all the cabins.

We might get in a weekend walk if I stick around town for the carnival, but there’s also the West Polk County Fair going on in Fertile, where I will probably go with family members, at least for the Sunday evening fireworks and some wandering around during the preceding afternoon.

And maybe a corn dog.

— Laurie