One last walk

“So I’ve been forwarding … geez, you’ve got to be kidding me!” says Laurie as she struggles to stay vertical.

Today, we took what may end up being our last Trail Mix walk through town, but we spent the first half less walking and more sliding and tip-toeing to avoid falling on our rear ends, due to all the ice.

In fact, Laurie even advised me against going into her house to leave my purse and camera bag. The ice outside of her doorstep was so bad she, herself, had to hug the exterior wall to make it safety to the driveway.

Fun times.

I gave Laurie the option today as to where to walk. It was too icy and snowy to hit our favorite trail (the dirt trail that runs along Lake Bemidji) so we were limited, mostly, to downtown Bemidji. We walked along the sidewalks and streets downtown until she got a little bored.

Then we cut across to Bemidji State’s campus and walked home along Lake Avenue, taking in views of the lake (ice).

And the trail.

All the while, we were talking about Laurie’s imminent leave and her future plans. (I’ll let Laurie, herself, tell you about her future plans, but let’s just say her resignation from the Pioneer was a personal/family decision and it means she’ll be moving from Bemidji in the near future. Which makes me sad. Very sad.)

(The sign reads: “Standing on the side of LOVE.” Which I, well, love. I don’t know, does anyone else feel like the world’s been awful negative lately? More so than usual? Maybe it’s just the February blahs, but I’ve been really disheartened lately. So here’s to hoping that March perks me up some now…)

We saw a lot of interesting things today. Most of which we didn’t take photos of. Don’t ask me why, I think I was just out of practice. We passed a rather obnoxious guy riding his snowmobile down the (clear and dry) Birchmont Drive. Then we passed two nice gals skateboarding through Library Park. Signs of spring. Love it.

But we did see lots of other things that we did grab photos of:

(a horseshoe-shaped something-or-other…)

(A dried-up vine-y thing?)

(This is my personal favorite. A wristband for the Shoreview Community Center in Shoreview, Minn., which was a frequent hangout of mine as a middle-schooler. I also worked for Shoreview for a summer or two as a tennis instructor several years ago, through Parks and Rec. So this made me think of “home” – and of warmer days.)

(This T-shirt reminded me that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Eeek!)

I’m supposed to run the Bemidji Parks and Rec’s Shamrock Shuffle the day before, on Saturday, March 16. The 5K. Thanks to Parks and Rec’s Couch to 5K plan, I’ve been training for my first-ever 5K. I can do it. I think. I’m up to running (more like jogging very slowly) 30 minutes at a time so I think I can finish it. But I’ve yet to commit. I’ve got the registration form on my desk. Just haven’t had the guts to actually fill it out…

Despite playing tennis throughout high school and college, I’ve never been a runner. I like sprinting, but jogging and I never really clicked. But I am finding myself enjoying it more lately. Probably because it’s helping me in my latest quest to stay healthy, more fit.

I’ve come a long ways since this:

That was at my heaviest.

This is me today.

 About 67 pounds lighter. Woohoo!

But enough on that. Today’s walk wasn’t about all of that.

It was for us, Trail Mix. And saying goodbye to a walking buddy, a friend.

Laurie has been more than just a walking partner. She’s been my “I need a ride to urgent care” driver, my “I need to take my baby to the ER” come-over-in-a-flash babysitter, my work colleague, my friend.

I’m going to miss her.


– Bethany

6 thoughts on “One last walk

  1. Sweet post! I didn’t even notice you took a pic of the Love sign; I was admiring it, too, but didn’t get around to mentioning it.

  2. That should be ‘Bemidji Parks and Rec’s Urho Pessonen Shuffle’. 16 March is St. Urho’s Day (see the ‘Threescore and Ten’ published 14 March 2000). Yesterday, 1 March was St. David’s Day and I’ll bet neither of you kissed a Welshman. Sixty-seven #! That’s impressive. Laurie: Happy trails. I will miss you and this blog.

  3. P.S. I’ve seen your ‘horseshoe shaped something or other’ but can’t place it. Something outdoor/electrical maybe. Show the photo around the Pioneer staff. Someone will know.

  4. Sorry to see Trail Mix come to an end. It was a great idea for a blog, and sounded like a fun activity. Happy future trails to both Laurie and Bethany, wherever they may lead you.

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